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Welcome to my world! I’m a photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. I love spicy food, traveling, random adrenaline pumping adventures (food adventures too). 

I’ve been a photographer for about 3 years. I broke up with my 10 year vocation from the dental field in July of 2016 to pursue my passion. This was not part of my plans at all, I just happen to fall in love with the feelings photography brought me. Life is short, lets live to the fullest with purpose! that's basically my life motto. 

I get weak in the knees for the outdoors, sunsets, sunrises and being on the mountain. The light, shadows and big open spaces is what really inspires me. Having two people in love added to those open spaces is a perk! watching the connection between two people in love makes my soul the happiest. There is nothing more rewarding than creating moments and images with you and the special person in your life.

The most important value to me is the experience you have. These are the images we are creating together. I love capturing the intimate, the playful, quirky, weird, crazy, teasing, laugh-out-loud kind of love. The real you, the real relationship with the butterflies and the in-between candid moments. I want to capture all those things about your relationship. I live to watch and listen, tell me your story, lets create something beautiful together. 

Photography By: Linzy Slusher

Photography By: Linzy Slusher

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