lets freeze time and capture those moments when words tend fail us. lets be consumed in the messy happiness with the ones you love. lets capture those raw moments where you can look back again and again and smile. lets freeze that time together.



I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. My photography style is partly influenced by fashion magazines. I'm a sucker for the Ralph Lauren fragrance campaigns (the romantic black and white images with the couples get me every time). I’m a longtime admirer of foggy mornings, lush green trees and sunsets, so earth tones with pops of green, shadows and rich blacks are always my default. I started my career as a hobby then it blossomed into an obsessive passion. I'm a self help junkie and believe in following the happy feels, always. 2 years ago I called it quits with my 12 year vocation in the dental field. Now, I run a full-time photography business. I love traveling the world, absorbing culture and human connections everywhere I go.


A few things you should know about me:

+ personality type enfp, i'm a capricorn... i can parallel with my eyes closed

+ human connection is my constant inspiration 

+ i love noodles, extra spicy noods

+ i like my coffee black

+ if it feels good, then i'm all in

+ i want to meet you! =)



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