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January 6th, 2017 I turned 30!  and it feels pretty damn good. To be honest, I have never felt proud of myself until this past year. I’m finally in a really happy place with myself, doing me, doing what I love at 100% full force. Chasing dreams and challenging myself everyday. I never knew having a competition with myself would feel so good! (It’s like, so boss.)

For my 30th birthday I knew I wanted to do something big, because you just have to… cause it’s ferking THIRTY! I told myself I wanted to be out of the country, on an island, eating fresh fruits and just falling asleep under coconut trees. Sounds wonderful right, well… it wasn’t that easy. 

Weeks before my adventure reality punched me in the face (and broke my nose) this trip was 95% not happening. I thought to myself I could just let this happen to me and ruin my 30th celebration. But no, girl bosses don’t think that way. I slept it off and I pulled myself together. I wasn’t about to let this take me down… because I’m a damn girl boss, I need to handle this and I am going to Asia! I thought to myself, what would Sophia Amoruso #GIRLBOSS do?!… She would hustle her ass! I did just that. 

This trip made me realize that I am mentally stronger than I thought. Don’t get in a girls way who is determined AF, just move out of the way. Lesson and moral of this, handle your business, continue doing what you love and everything will always work out, even if you think it won’t… just believe in yourself and try! (even if everyone thinks you’re crazy.), just try!

My friend Linzy joined me on this crazy adventure. In one month we visited 3 countries and 8 cities. This experience was well worth the 16 flights, 5 missed flights and a sprained ankle. and extra 10 pounds. 

Here’s photos from the first country, Philippines. We visited Manila, Puerto Princesa and El Nido. Did I mention that we did not have reservations anywhere… we literally would just wake up hop a bus or flight and book our hotels from the airport. Maps Me app, hotel booking and lonely plant saved our asses! This was definitely the most spontaneous trip I have ever been on. We met amazing friends and created WTF memories along the way. it was a life changing experience! 

This is what life is about, live for those moments you can't have forever. Just cherish it while it last, then move on and create more!



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