Let’s be real, taking photos is not normal or natural at all. Not every couple is the same; each couple has their own unique qualities. When it comes to your photos, let's be you, real, raw and comfortable in your own environment. What I love about home sessions is that I get to capture the two of you being 100% you without any outside distractions or strangers watching your every move. We get to be intimate, drink wine and chase each other around barefoot. These are the kind of memories you’ll want to remember when you look back at your images: those good times, little moments with big feels!
Let’s skip that awkward overly posed look at the camera thing, it’s so 1995. Here’s Kate and Dan, being 2017. It was so much fun shooting these two in their tiny home, which was on a peach orchard farm out in North Plains. What I love about their tiny home is that every item had a purpose and their space was used wisely. Living tiny but large, I loved it. I’m convinced that I need a tiny home now. They even had a mini old school bathtub… and their toilet was insanely cool. Their toilet actually burns your shit into ashes. Like, WHAT!! Lemme try that. BRB.
Alright, What I’m trying to say is, don’t forget to have fun. Be you. Let’s create something that expresses your special and unique relationship. We don’t need forced posed smiles, 1995 can keep those.