I’m just going to get to the good stuff. I met Amy and Danny at a wedding I was documenting in Maui; the bride and groom was our mutual connection. Amy and I had already exchanged a few emails before we met at the wedding. Amy mentioned that she really wanted to capture images of her and Danny while they were in Maui, something to show their kids, like "hey, we were once fun and adventurous and we love each other!"

I love adventures and I feel that the road to get there should be a fun experience. I rented a silver soft top Jeep and we cruised along Kahekili Highway, which is named one of the worlds most dangerous roads (I didn't know this until I finished the drive). The road is a strip of one-lane paved road framed by rocks one side and sheer cliff drops on the other. The road has snaking turns and narrow passages, with no room for error. It was challenging with the hairpin turns and one lane bridges. For 20 miles I drove only 10mph! I actually did this drive alone the first time because I got lost, but I kept driving because why the hell not, the views were so good and when will I get to drive on the edge of a cliff again?

The views were incredible, but I think I took this adventure too far with my couples. Danny ended up getting motion sickness and puked a few times. I’m sure he wanted to strangle me… he’s not into taking photos -- he was doing this for his wife. He was a real trooper and I was determined to turn him into a photo lover! We ended up having a great time, we enjoyed each other's company and my mission was complete because Amy texted me the next day and mentioned that Danny is feeling better and he gave her permission to do more shoots!!

It’s not just about the photos we capture, it’s about the experience we have together; it's about falling even more in love with your partner; it's about having fun. It’s not something you do everyday, but when you do take couples photos… make it memorable, something to think back and smile about!