Your daily dose of sunshine is coming from the magical summit of Haleakala National Park. Driving up and around the Hawaiian volcanic curves was pretty nauseating. Queasy stomach feels all the way up the 10,023 foot summit. I can still remember the thick fog, hail, rain and thunderstorm on the drive up (I felt like I was driving in Portland!) About a few thousand feet above sea level later I reached the clouds, drove through and passed the cold mist. There above the clouds was the sunshine! It literally felt like driving into another realm. The clouds were rolling above the roads was like something from a movie scene. I would not have been surprised at all if a unicorn walked pass me. The mountain backdrop was better than anything I could ever imagine, it felt like I was in a painting.

This past month Alisa and Anson sealed it with a kiss on a private property in Waikapu, Hawaii. I had the honor to photograph their engagement session at Rowena Crest, to the wedding day in Waikapu to post wedding portrait session 10,000 feet up above the clouds. This was the ultimate adventure and an experience I'll never forget! 

I have to say, post wedding portraits might be my new fav. Alisa and Anson were husband and wife, totally smitten with each other. The energy was real, falling more into each other as the shoot went on. I felt that I captured them being them, that's what I love the most. Capturing your real relationship =)




BTW, after this trip to Hawaii - I would consider my driving skill to be pretty advanced. But, paralleling on the left side is another story. 

haleakala national park-jennychokbengbounphotos